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Cost of Production

Review and consider the efficiency of  your production system using full cost accounting. 

This workshop teaches sheep, wool, beef and goat producers how to calculate their cost of production, identify where it is useful and find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability.  

Participants will consider the efficiency of their production system using full cost accounting. The course challenges participants to consider how the strategy they set impacts their cost of production. For example, lambing or calving at a time when there is insufficient feed quantity or quality will result in high labour and supplementary feed costs due to the need to meet the shortfall in energy demands. 

The course will highlight the variation in cost of production between participants as a consequence of strategic management decisions.

Who should attend?

  • Sheep meat/wool producers
  • Beef producers
  • Goat producers
  • Farm advisors 

About the course

This course will identify opportunities to improve profitability by establishing the efficiency of your production system given specific and regional climatic circumstances. It looks at operating costs in the production system and the production that is able to be generated with those costs.

What will you learn?

  • What cost of production is and how it can be a useful indicator of possible opportunities to improve farm performance and profitability
  • How to calculate cost of production
  • What the cost of production is for your enterprise by calculating your own cost of production
  • How to identify opportunities for improvement on your farm
  • How to use the cost of production calculator to plan for improvements
  • What impact you have had on cost of production by recalculating your own cost of production to quantify improvements


  • Introductions and awareness of how cost of production is calculated 
  • Key issues in calculating and interpreting cost of production information
  • Case study exercise in calculating cost of production
  • Discussion on case study and advice on calculating individual participants CoP
  • Analysis of variation within the group in key components of cost of production
  • Discussions on individual recommendations


The workshop includes:

  • Access to consultants expertise
  • Practical cost of production calculator
  • A comprehensive cost of production business report
  • Guidelines for success
  • Morning and afternoon tea + lunch

For more information contact Prue on 0435 052 255 or email