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Principles of Profitable Farm Machinery Decisions

This course provides participants with an understanding of farm machinery profit drivers and enables them to benchmark their machinery efficiency.

The aim of the workshop is for participants to develop an understanding of the factors that influence the profitability of farm machinery decisions. Key features include:

  • Value alternative machinery options
  • Discern between threats and opportunities
  • Develop business skills
  • Understand investment principles

Who should attend?

  • Farm business managers
  • Farm staff
  • Key decision makers on farm

About the course

Farm machinery workshop participants will have the opportunity to benchmark their own machinery costs and efficiency. The workshop will provide participants with a framework for making objective decisions regarding farm machinery. The course shows how to use economic valuation principles in machinery decisions. Risk assessment is a feature of the course with examples of how to value risk provided.

About the presenter - John Francis

John has been involved in the agricultural sector for 20 years. He has a technical background in agronomy, farm business management skills, expertise in investment analysis and an understanding of the drivers of profitability on farm.

John’s client exposure and development of the machinery course content, notes and tools have provided him with an excellent understanding of the drivers of success regarding farm machinery decisions.

What will you learn?

  • Machinery ownership - costs and benefits
  • Contracting - costs and benefits
  • Upgrading machinery - costs and benefits
  • How to compare ownership with contracting
  • How to value the benefits of upgrading
  • What are the risks and how to value them
  • Depreciation methods compared

The topics

  • Introduction to machinery decisions
  • Quantifying costs and benefits
  • How to value risk
  • Principles of machinery investment
  • Tools for machinery decisions

The content of the workshop includes:

  • Access to consultants expertise
  • A comprehensive set of course notes 
  • Access to internet-based tools
  • Morning and afternoon tea and lunch
If you are interested in this workshop please contact Prue on 0435 052 255 or