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Farm Benchmarking

Identify your potential 

Benchmarking brings objectivity to the analysis of performance and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the business. 

What is benchmarking?

Agrista farm benchmarking analyses the base productivity of each individual farm enterprise as well as the business on a whole. Individual farm benchmarking results and their financial consequences are compared to the results of other farms ranked into average and top 20%.

How to benchmark your farm business:

  • Farm group benchmarking - joining a group is a great way to improve the relevance of benchmarks 

To discuss what is required contact John on 0427 259 005 or email  

As a participant you will receive:

  • Farm business management report which compares whole farm and individual enterprise performance to the standard benchmarks.
  • Agrista understands that the information provided is commercially sensitive and has developed a protocol to prevent identification of individual farm businesses.


(please download the registration form to your computer to fill in and complete)


(please download the input form to your computer to begin your benchmarking input)

"My view is that forums that challenge ideas and strategies in a supportive environment are very valuable and are few and far between.” Jon Harpley, farm owner & Growth Farms Australia Portfolio Manager
Joining or starting a benchmarking group is a great way to improve the relevance of benchmarks.
A rare opportunity for goat producers to benchmark their business at no cost.