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Farm Leasing for Growth - Online Workshop

Agrista are releasing one of our most popular workshops online.


The new online Farm Leasing for Business Growth workshop will fill a gap in the market to help those looking to lease land but who don’t know how to proceed.  There's been a huge demand for information about leasing land.  It's information that's hard to come by. 


Include a business plan with your lease price offer.  This not only sets you apart from the competition it helps you to budget more precisely.  Stand out from the crowd with our top 10 tips to include in your business plan:


  1. The enterprises that will be managed
  2. Planned number of livestock managed and hectares cropped
  3. A calendar of operations showing key timings
  4. Anticipated level of fertiliser inputs
  5. Annual budget for repairs and maintenance
  6. The skills and attributes of the management team
  7. Alignment with existing farm business operations
  8. Risk management tactics – containment feeding/crops for hay
  9. Groundcover management and water conservation techniques (no till/stubble retention/grazing management tactics/minimum biomass targets)
  10. Decision making tools – feed budgeting/weather forecasting/paddock management apps


It’s not far away, stay posted for details and an early bird discount.