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Publications and Tools

John Francis is the Director of Agrista.  He was a Director of Holmes Sackett for 13 years and is the key author of the following publications:


What is the current business case for leasing vs buying land assets for livestock grazing? by John Francis, Director, Agrista 


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Regenerative Agriculture - Quantifying the cost by John Francis, Director, Holmes Sackett 

This paper in response to financial analyses presented in the research report commissioned by the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP). 

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AgInsights Holmes Sackett's annual summary of farm business benchmarking data. AgInsights uses benchmarking evidence to deliver clear messages about what the most profitable farm businesses do differently to the rest.  AgInsights Volume 20 - $418 (gst incl.)


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FarmStaff is a report investigating the findings of a survey into farm salaries, incentive schemes, contractors and farm employee motivations. Facts on what farm staff positions are worth, what motivates employees, what makes a good employer, understanding salary issues in agriculture. Available only in PDF format. $33 (gst incl.)


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Salary Report Holmes Sackett’s annual summary of farm salary benchmark data. This unique source of farm salary data provides insight into the value and structure of farm salary packages to assist employers to attract, retain and reward their staff. Find out what farm staff positions are worth. Updated annually.  $264 (gst incl.) 



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